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Introducing Our ‘Report It’ System for Tenant Maintenance Concerns

We appreciate the importance of dealing with maintenance issues in a prompt and efficient manner, we also understand the importance that some of these issues may require urgent attention to avoid further problems arising, that is why we have developed our ‘Report It’ system: An easy to use online tool that allows both tenants and landlords to easily report any maintenance concerns that arise or may be experiencing.

How Does ‘Report It’ Work?

Our tool is simple to use, and you can access it via our website. The ‘Report It’ tool enables tenants or landlords to quickly report any problems they encounter within their property, there is even a function to upload photos and videos to highlight the issues. You can access it either by your smart phone, laptop, Personal Computer, or any other internet connected digital device. The information is then forwarded to our Property Care team who have the necessary equipment at hand to deal with the problem in an efficient and effective manner.

Providing a Streamlined Communication and Prioritisation System

Once the tenant or landlord submits the information on our ‘Report It’ tool, the system emails our property care co-ordinator immediately notifying of the issue or problem. This then allows them to prioritise the job and schedule the necessary repairs, accordingly, ensuring that the maintenance concerns are addressed in an efficient, effective, and timely manner.

Putting Tenant Well-Being and Landlord Standards First

Our easy to use and efficient ‘ReportIt’ system guarantees that we never miss any maintenance concerns, allowing us to maintain the very highest of standards our landlords expect while prioritising the well-being and comfort of their tenants.

If You Have Further Questions on our ‘ReportIt’ System, Please Don’t Hesitate To Ask

Should you have any further questions or concerns on our easy-to use ‘ReportIt’ system or need a quick guide on how to navigate the system then our Property Care Coordinator, Maggie will be more than happy to help, simply drop us an email at, or call us on 01454 326846

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