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Tenancy Guidelines

Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement used will be an Assured Hold Tenancy Agreement for a period of 6 months unless agreed otherwise. All tenants registered on this agreement are jointly and severally liable for the rent, damages and any other costs incurred through neglect of the property.


Prior to you moving in “Farringtons” will have prepared a detailed inventory of the property. This document is to record the condition of the property at the start of your agreement. You will be given 7 days from the start of your agreement to check this and advise us of any amendments.

Please note this will be used as our reference during your tenancy and on our final inspection of the property after you have vacated.


It is the Tenants responsibly to insure their own belongings, this includes any personal items, furniture and any other items they have taken to the property.

Utility Bills

During the tenancy the named tenant’s on the agreement are responsible for all of the utility bills including council tax and T.V Licence.

Routine Inspections

During your tenancy Farrington’s will arrange regular inspections to ensure the property is being maintained and to ensure no issues arise. Your first inspection will be 3 months after you have moved in and a second inspection 6 weeks after. Once the first 6 months has expired and no issues have been reported future inspections will be every 6 months unless requested by the landlord or necessary.

Where an issue arises and “Farrington’s” are required to resolve we reserve the right to charge for our time at a rate of £40.00 per hour (incl of VAT).

Extending Your Tenancy

Two month’s before your agreement is due to expire with the landlords permission we will ask you if you would like to extend your tenancy or move out.

Please Note you must notify us of your actions in writing.

Where you have decided to extend your tenancy we will email you a new agreement that will need to be signed via E-sign before your old one expires. It is the Landlords right to adjust the rent value at the point of renewal and if this occurs you will be given two months notice of any change.

Where an issue arises and “Farrington’s” are required to resolve we reserve the right to charge for our time at a rate of £40.00 per hour (incl of VAT).

Moving Out

If instead of extending your agreement you decided you would like to vacate the property you will need to instruct us in writing at least 2 months before this date.

On the day of your vacation once you have emptied the property you will need to take all meter readings and return the keys to our office so that we can arrange a final inspection of the property.

Where the property has not been left in a satisfactory condition, a claim against the Deposit for the repairs or cleaning of the property will be made.

Once vacated and all the keys are returned you will need to instruct your bank to cancel any future payments of rent.

Please Note: We cannot take responsibility for the forwarding of your post so we advise you to instruct the redirection of your post.

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